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Legal Fees

Our philosophy is that high quality legal representation should be available to all people. We practice this philosophy by offering a variety of legal fee options to meet the needs of all income levels.

Additionally, all fees are based on a sliding scale fee. The rate is dependent on the client’s income and assets.

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Time based legal fees are offered for all matters. A time based system means that the firm charges the client based on the time spent working on the matter.

Our office uses the latest technology to track and record all client work in detail. At the end of every billing cycle the client has the opportunity to review the bill prior to incurring any fees.

We offer competitive billing rates. The rate is dependent on the complexity of the matter. It is necessary to speak with an attorney to learn the applicable rate for your matter.

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Fixed fees are available for most legal matters.

The fee is dependent on the specific matter. The fee is arrived at after we understand the client’s needs and services requested.

Fixed fees are available for both contested and uncontested matters. The fee is paid in advance and includes all agreed upon items. Fixed fees allow the client to not worry about the expense of a divorce throughout the process. Additionally, some clients prefer knowing that they will not be individually charged for every separate contact with the firm.

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We understand that high quality legal assistance can be cost prohibitive.

To assist, we offer sliding scale legal fees to those who qualify. Qualification is based on combined family income and assets.

Additionally, we have access to third party legal financing solutions and credit services to help you fund your litigation.

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