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Community Spotlight: The Second Step

Community Spotlight

While Massachusetts is home to some of the safest cities in the United States, it is not exempt from the ever-growing problem of domestic violence that is plaguing the nation. As domestic violence rates continue to rise, so does the utilization of local domestic violence programs. In 2014, approximately 1,795 victims were assisted by local domestic violence programs throughout Massachusetts each day. One such program is The Second Step. Located in a Boston suburb, this non-profit organization has become a safe haven for survivors of domestic violence.

The Second Step program consists of transitional housing as well as non-residential based services. The transitional housing includes two communal residences that are able to accommodate sixteen families at any given time. Residents may stay for up to two years and must be either employed, in job training, enrolled in school or volunteering during their stay. Children living in the residences can enjoy an after-school program that provides both academic and therapeutic support. Additionally, after the residents move into permanent housing beyond the program, the staff makes sure to keep in close contact with them for at least six months to ensure an easy transition.

The program’s non-residential services assist approximately 120 families per year. These services include emergency financial resources, mentoring programs for both adults and children, job and career counseling, educational programs, and legal advocacy. At the end of each year, the program encourages members of the surrounding area to participate in a gift drive to further integrate the community with the program’s participants. All of these services are provided by an educated and dedicated staff committed to helping victims of domestic violence heal and move forward with their lives. The Second Step is one of many domestic violence programs focused on serving victims throughout Massachusetts. If you or a loved one is the victim of domestic abuse, contact The Second Step today for further information on the many services that the program has to offer.

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