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The Economical Divorce

economical divorce

Legal fees can add up quickly. An extreme case of outrageous legal fees is the divorce of Simon and Chana Taub. The Taubs have racked up over one million dollars in legal fees. The attorney fees for economical divorce are so high because they refuse to be reasonable. Right from the start they both refused to move out of the house, so they ended up in court. This part is not so unusual. If a party wants to stay in the house, then that party should not move out voluntarily. If they do, it is likely that they will not return.

What makes this case unique is that the Court ordered that the house be divided by a wall pending the outcome of the divorce. As part of the final judgment, the Court ordered the house be sold. The divorce has been going on since 2005 and was complicated by New York’s old law requiring cause for divorce.

Throughout the divorce the parties’ decided that they would remain entrenched in their positions and fight each other at every opportunity. If you do not want your legal experience to be like the Taub’s experience, then read the following list to help reduce your legal fees.

  1. If you and your spouse are agreeable to the terms of your economical divorce, then filing an uncontested divorce will drastically reduce the cost of your legal fees.
  2. Help your attorney by having documents prepared and organized. Attorneys charge on an hourly basis, so if your attorney does not have to collect or organize your documents then it will save you money.
  3. Choose a lawyer based on references and your impressions after your initial consultation. Lawyers with a large support staff and an office in a prime location is expensive and consequently the clients will be charged a higher rate. You as the client have to determine if the size of your estate can justify the legal fees.
  4. Keep phone calls to a minimum. Contact your lawyer when you need legal advice and contact your mental health counselor or friends when you need psychological advice. Write down the lawyer’s advice so you do not have to ask him/her the same questions multiple times.
  5. Be reasonable about your case. Understand that sometimes it is more beneficial to your wallet and mental health not to spend money on legal fees for a result that will not be financially beneficial. Try to not let your emotions drive the case.

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