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Can A Vacation Save Your Marriage?

Save your Marriage

Just because a marriage is not going well does not mean that the parties should get divorced. There are a multitude of reasons for a failing marriage, but most could be resolved with better communication. Therapy is common for non communicating couples. My personal opinion is that couples should try therapy before getting a divorce. My personal opinion is that to save your marriage you should try therapy before getting a divorce. A new alternative to therapy is what the New York Times is calling a Hail-Mary-Moon.

Almost the opposite of a honeymoon, a Hail-Mary-Moon is a vacation for couples where the goal is to save the marriage. It is a last-ditch effort to rekindle the marriage before filing for divorce. The NYT article attributes the increase in the Hail-Mary-Moons to the negative economic effects of going through a divorce. There is no doubt that a vacation is less expensive than a divorce. The NYT article focuses on the super rich, but the Hail-Mary-Moon is not limited to the wealthy. Couples without disposable dollars can still try a Hail-Mary-Moon by going local.
Of course, the Hail-Mary-Moon will not work for everyone. The idea is that divorce is always an option, but before a person takes that step it is advisable to give the marriage one last opportunity to rekindle love far away from the everyday stress of life at home.

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