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Divorce and In-Laws

Divorce and In Laws

Divorce and In-Laws – How do you deal with in-laws during a divorce? This is particularly applicable for those people that have either formed a strong relationship with the in-laws or feel that their in-laws have created unnecessary friction between the divorcing parties. These two categories of people may find it difficult to deal with the in-laws during a divorce.

1) Communicate your feelings, but be prepared to hear theirs as well.

If there are children involved, the in-laws may assist the parties by acting as a neutral third party to help settle disputes. If this is not the case and the in-laws are negatively affecting the co-parenting relationship, then it is necessary to firmly explain your feelings and interests regarding the parenting issues to your in-laws. If they are still not helpful, then stop using them as a resource.

Many couples prefer to talk through third parties during a divorce due to the emotions of dealing directly with a spouse. Negotiating through in-laws is a way to use third parties to keep attorney costs down.

2) Avoid Unnecessary Arguments with your In-laws

If an issue comes up that cannot be agreed upon, do not fight with the in-laws. It will only lead to a greater breakdown in the relationship. Move on to the next topic and if there is not another topic, then take a break and revisit the topic at a later time. The in-laws will be a greater asset to you in the future if the lines of communication are open.

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