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Power of Divorce Listserv

Divorce Listserv

Some of the best divorce resources on the internet are listservs. A Listserv is a mailing list that is centered around a category. Divorce listservs allow people from all over the world to share their feelings, experiences, and advice regarding divorce. It allows a person to post anonymously to a group to get unbiased feedback. I have been following several listservs for a while. Many listserv members are hesitant at first to post to the listserv, but over time they find that the listserv is emotionally supportive and a part of their healing process. Listservs are free, so they are a good way for people to share their feelings without having to worry about getting a large bill at the end. The following is a list of listservs:

Yahoo Groups for Divorce Listserv

Divorce Listserv of Google Groups

E-Mail Lists for Divorce Listserv

  • Professional Forum for Child Abuse Issues. To subscribe, send the following message to listserv@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu or listserv@ubvm.bitnet
  • Discussion of Family Businesses, including discussion on income and estate tax planning, reports on recent IRS rulings, court cases, new legislation, etc. To subscribe, send the following message to listserv@netcom.com
  • Moderated discussion group for individuals working in the field of family law, including law professors, lawyers, social workers, psychologists, counselors, and other professionals; “closed” list – subscriptions subject to approval by list owner To send the following message to majordomo@uidaho.edu
  • US-based Family Law list subscribe, send the following message to listserv@acc.wuacc.edu

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