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A Massachusetts contested divorce is when one party files for divorce. Over 95% of contested divorces end with a divorce agreement. Filing a contested divorce under the guidance of a contested divorce attorney gives you access to the courts and forces the other party to be involved in the divorce process also save divorce expenses.

The emotional volatility of divorce may cloud the participant’s judgment and lead to poor decision-making. We help you take the emotion out of the process in order to enable the client to make informed decisions about the future.

Being a professional Contested Divorce Attorney,  throughout the process, we discuss and educate the client on issues such as parenting time (if applicable), payment of ongoing expenses, division of assets and debts, health insurance, life insurance, and relevant tax implications. The client, with our consultation, is empowered to determine his or her future.

What is Contested vs Uncontested Divorce?

A contested divorce means that a the time of filing for divorce the parties do not have an agreement on the division of assets, support, and custody issues related to the children. An uncontested divorce means that the parties have an agreement on all issues prior to filing the complaint for divorce.

FAQ Regarding Contested Divorces

How do I file for Divorce?

To file for divorce in Massachusetts you need to bring the marriage certificate or a certified copy to the Probate and Family Court in your county. The courthouse will have all the documents that you need to complete. Filing for divorce is the easy part. Getting the court and/or spouse to agree with you is the next step.

What matters can the court determine?

The court’s job is to unwind the marriage. The court has jurisdiction over the children, division of assets/debts, health insurance and financial support. The Massachusetts Probate and Family court has a significant amount of power to determine the parties and your children’s future.

How much does a contested divorce cost?

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How do I get specific information about my situation?

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