Christopher | Divorce & Family Law Lawyer


Wycoff was there for me at a difficult time when my daughter was young. My ex-wife was trying to move her out of state and in court documents, painted a picture of me that was entirely inaccurate. I didn’t know where to turn for legal help. It was so intimidating. Someone gave me a list of legal resources. Thankfully, Wycoff’s office was first on the list. I’ve never had to call anyone else. My daughter is older now, and I have physical custody. I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point without Wycoff. He has been a consistent source of help and support. He promptly returns calls and emails, and always takes his time when helping me to understand legal processes and language. If, like me, you lack the resources for legal representation in court, Wycoff will help you prepare the proper court documents and give you exactly what you need, so that you can feel confident when your day in court comes. I’ve heard painful stories from fathers who didn’t receive good legal counsel and, as a result, they didn’t get favorable visitation. I can honestly say that, for me and my family, finding Wycoff was a blessing.

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